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oh, I forgot to say that the price for the Galleria Ferrari is 12 euro.

and now the Centro Eccellenza Lamborghini, basically a museum inside the factory. The price 8 euro for the museum, but for 20 (stundents) you can have the factory tour in a lot of languages. We also had a guide for the museum, but even if she was very kind, she didn't say anything new, except for a couple of errors...btw, the museum is so better looking than the Galleria Ferrari, illumination is granted by a big glass wall, and artificial illumination if necessary. the cars are well positioned and with a plate on their side with a short story about them. on the walls there were a lot of pictures and posters, and some fun ad that I never saw before. the selection of cars was quite complete, and almost all the road going Lamborghini were present.
The factory was even better, since we had the opportunity to visit it just with the guide, and not being included in a bigger group of tourists. A reservation is recommended but not necessary.
being just me, the GF and the guide, we had all the time to look at the assembly line of the Gallardo and of the Murcielago/ReventÚn and we could also ask to the people working on the cars what the guide didn't know.
The Gallardo is fully completed from the ground in 150 hours, and is assembled quite manually in an automated line whit 15 stations, each of them during 45 minutes. The Murcielago instead required 280 hours, it's more hand built than the Gallardo and even the assembly line is moved manually every 165 minutes, for a total of 12 stations (...IIRC...). the engine of the Gallardo arrives fully assembled with the gearbox from the Germany, together with the chassis and bodywork (painted automatically by immersion, while the Murcielago is painted with manual sprays) while the V12 is hand built in Sant'Agata in 8 hours. I asked personally to one of the mechanics how long it took...
Their engines are pretty huge btw, bigger for example than the AMG V12 of the Zonda, since I saw both of them out of the cars.
Btw, visiting the leather department, we could see one of the ugliest colors combination for a Gallardo Spyder: pink for the bodywork and maroon for the interior and the folding top. even the people of Lamborghini told it simply sucked. It was ordered by a Japanese teenager btw...
The interior, completely hand made, required 8 hours per each car. My GF particularly enjoyed this moment being both into cars and fashion. And a funny thing about the leather they use is that they use it also to protect the mate colors (white, pearl, grey and black for what I saw) in the assembly line. It came out during the first assemblies that this kind of paint job was too much delicate for the plastic protection they used, and at the and of the assembly the car was full of little scratches. so now they use the same leather of the interior...kinda expensive I suppose, and scarring to drive every day.
One of the best thing is the parking lot behind the factory. It is the first thing you see while entering for the factory tour. There were about 300 Lamborghini, and I saw an Audi A5 among them. Usually, it's the contrary.
I managed to see the 17th ReventÚn in the final stages of its creation in the Murcielago's line, but unfortunately, and obviously, it wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the factory. btw, it's strictly related to the Murcielago, under the skin the two cars are identical, and this prevents me from accepting its price, but I have to admit it's better looking, or at least, it captures your eyes more than what a Murcielago could ever do.

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