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Thanks Jamie, thats great info!

I forgot about the T5 box, but I remember reading somewhere that ford had trialled a T5 box converted to 4wd at some time or other on something before settling with the type9 box for the sierra XR4x4.

Panther obviously managed to reverse the torque split with the centre diff for the reverse drivetrain layout for the solo but I have a Cosworth MT75 4x4 box and a 50/50 torque split centre diff, and with the front/rear weight balance of my potential project car being 50/50 I think this even torque split would work ok (after all Quaife had 50/50 F/R torque split on their R4 GTS racecar and it worked ok for them!)

I assume with the Solo using the sierra 4x4 diffs, they were turned upside down to get the car to drive in the right direction? The only problem I can see with doing that is lubricating the pinion shaft as it wouldn't sit in the oil level, unless there's enough oil being flung around inside the casing to lubricate the pinion shaft bearings.
Does the Solo use the ford 7.5" diff at the back and the 6.5" diff at the front do you know or are they both the same?

If you could get me a pic of the front and rear diff setup at sometime that would be splendid Jamie, but I know it means crawling under the car

I've been thinking about a mid engine 4wd project for a while now and using the ford running gear with the MT75 4x4 box would be the most convenient solution. I'm trying to iron out a few technical bits which will either make the project a go-er or not!

the left pic is a front diff and the right hand pic is a rear diff....

Thanks in advance

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