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Originally Posted by UK CARS
Is it that museum in the lake district? that has the latest vanquish aston martin vantage and quite a lot more also batmobiles, laural and hardys model t and you get the picture.
It's another museum opened by the same guy.
I've had talks with them about them keeping my Alpine ( it was main feature in TV series in UK ) when I'm not using it.

They've more cars than they can reasonably find space.
Edinburgh airport site was a cheap place for them to store more cars.
Allowing people in to see it is icing on their cake.
They make thir money out of people hiring and using cars for promos.
The Batmobile is currently at Edinburgh.
NO ONE is allowed to take photos inside the car.
A rule from the film-makers they guy said.
He stores the car and whenever they want it he has to make it available.
Currently they've got all the Bond cars in the collection there just now.
As well as the Indiiana Jones truck and motrobike/sidecar.
and the Trotters van

If you're stuck at Edinburgh Airport it's certainly more interesting than reading the car magazines in W.H.Smiths
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