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Thread: Help with avatar plz.

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    Help with avatar plz.

    I dunno how to do this so if someone could take the vid of the boy drifting and tell me how to make it my avatar or something like this that would be helpfull. Thanks.
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    Search for shareware/freeware animation packages. Irfanview can do this but I find it very long winded.

    I use JASC Animation Shop ( it comes with PaintShop ) and older versiosn are very cheap and you can even find 'free' versions

    Here it is.

    A minor lesson in te laws of physics..... A large complex video is lots of bits changing position and colour every frame. To compress that to 90x90 and less than 40k measn you gotta throw things away or "the image cannae take it cap'n Kirk".

    So I had to trim the first 1/3 of the clip, I had to resize and reduce the colour palette to 4 bit AND I had to cull every secdon frame. So you end up with an image that is shorter, smaller, jerky and not great colour Thems the laws
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    I use coffee cup animater for my avatar. I find that it is very easy to use and very quick, it is what I used to make my avatar.
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    Thanks for the help!

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