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Thread: help with 253 gas research system

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    help with 253 gas research system

    i have heard that a gas research system will give me more power and be more economical is it true? And is it expensive?

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    dang, i have never even heard of this before.....i work in an oil refinery and i first thought you were talking about our lab stuff....but there must be some kind of fuel atomizer or something eh? hotwheels
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    Gas research is the best at moment for straight LPG powered engines,there is a few different types but the best is the twin carb setup which looks the same as the VN group A set up except there are two gas carbs instead of the throttle bodies.If you go gas then don't run dual fuel as you need to set up the engine to make use of the gas properly. ie.increasing compression to 12:1 and a proper cam for a LPG engine which has less overlap to stop gas blowing out the exhaust port.Dual fuel still uses original fuel management setup but has a gas jet put in under carb or throttle body which is a very inefficient way to regulate gas flow and hence dual fuel setups will use on average 10% more gas with less power than straight gas setup.I saw a holden 308 with gas research twin setup,engine compression bumped up, mild head work and a gas cam which gave around 400hp and gave near standard fuel consumption on Highway.Also was told by Gas research themselves they only got good power out of V8's as they are slower revving which suited the LPG which burns slower,even V6's they lost power on with the dual carb setup,they were at time developing an injected setup but the injectors were freezing and failing.It was around $2000 for the twin setup from memory
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