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Thread: Six Trips to the Moon and back...

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    Six Trips to the Moon and back...


    Greek taxi driver donates 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240 D to the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection
    Greek taxi driver Gregorios Sachinidis from Thessalonica handed over his 1976 Mercedes Benz 240 D to the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection. Mr. Sachinidis is a multi-kilometer millionaire. Having covered all of 4.6 million kilometers, this “Stroke Eight” now becomes the Mercedes-Benz with the highest recorded mileage known to date.

    The enormous distance covered by the world champion is testament to the proverbial longevity of Mercedes-Benz cars. In particular, Mercedes-Benz taxis have been permanent features of both German and international urban landscapes. In Germany, every second taxi is a Mercedes-Benz.

    Mr. Sachinidis bought his car in Germany in 1981 with around 220,000 km on the clock, before driving it back to Thessalonica. Here it was in service as a taxi 24 hours a day until July 2004. During this time the owner was able to call upon the original engine and two spare units, deploying them on a rotational basis 11 times in total.

    Mr. Sachinidis sent a letter to Prof. Jürgen Hubbert, Member of the Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler AG with responsibility for the Mercedes Car Group, thanking him for the excellent service Mercedes-Benz had afforded him over the years. Having received a visit from representatives of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection, Mr. Sachinidis decided to hand the car over to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

    Highlighting the reception the president of DaimlerChrysler Hellas, Dr. Alexander Paufler, presented Mr. Sachinidis with a key for a new C 200 CDI to be picked up upon his return to Greece.

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    nice... handing over your old crappy car, and receiving a new for free !!!

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    Shite, thats one helluva reliable car.

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    i dont know about u guys, but the guy did over 4million kilometers on that car and only got a c200 cdi...i mean 4 MILLION kilometers!!!
    mercedez should have given him at least an E-class...
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