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Thread: Honda City

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    what? i don't really understand you. Are you saying your highway Mpg is less than your city mpg? Btw, dont bring back old threads, you could have posted a thread in the technical section
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeWastaken

    this is what mine looks like

    and this is what someone Done up.. so LOL
    Sorry for bringing up an old thread, just noticed this on my googling, if you are interested in honda city turbos 1 or 2, thats the 1980's model, check out

    We are manily form New Zealand and Australia, but have people from Russia, Malysia, and the US. If you have a look under the gallery you will find many more pics of T1's and T2's standard and modified.

    And just a correction to make for the above in quotes, the top is a Honda City Turbo 2, 110hp/730kg and came in white silver and blue.

    The bottom car is not some ricer modified version, it is the actual racing version designed by Mugen (T1 and T2 were both designed by Mugen as well.), it has 135hp. And it is one of the few left and is kept at Honda Motor Co.

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    hat secind one doesnt look all that bad. has somewhat of an 80's charm to it...
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    Honda CITY GA2 CZ i

    Hi all i have a Honda city ga2 czi and he is right they are very rare cars in the UK and are infact a Korean import, My honda city is white with nice alloys lowered susspension and a spoiler, and i am poss thinking of selling it if you still want one.
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    Does ne one reply in theses forums.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveiow View Post
    Does ne one reply in theses forums.?

    Seriously this is an OLD OLD thread and have you considered that nobody is interested in acquiring one and hence not answering your question ?
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    holy bump on a two year old thread, haha

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