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Thread: wanna know the manufacturer for 1:18 Lamborghini model

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    wanna know the manufacturer for 1:18 Lamborghini model

    last year i went to an Auto Show. i remembered there were some 1:18 models for sale at Lamborghini booth. all of them were good packing with black covers. i regreted i didn't buy them at that time and now i get difficulty to buy them at any model shops... does someone here know the manufacturer (brand) for the 1:18 Lamborghini model cars sale in any auto shows? Could someone tell me how i can buy the official one? all i can find is from Autoart or Maisto...
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    model shops maybe?
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    I've got two Auto Art 1:18 Murcielagos (yellow and green ) and they're in a black boxe with the Lamborghini symbol on it.
    I don't know if they're official...
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    thx i saw blue,black and red 1:18 in that auto show...did you find those color in model shops?

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    somebody here knows the official one??

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    i didn't know there was an official one, but if there was it would probably be like 300 bucks or something. at a local car shop where they sell lambos they were selling a little 1:75 scale murcielago for $15, which is pretty expensize for something that is the size of you're pinky. if you can't find an official lamborghini model you should go with an AUTOart. they are amazing quality. the AUTOarts even have carpets in them you can't get much better than that.
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    Official Lamborghini Online Store with 1:18 models.
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