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Thread: Most of the world's ugliest cars have long front overhangs!

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    Most of the world's ugliest cars have long front overhangs!

    While a long hood adds a stylish sporty look, long front overhangs just look outdated.
    Longest Useless Front Overhang Ever? Can You Top It? (Updated With Submission Pictures) | The Truth About Cars

    Compare then with the sleek appearance of BMW 3 series specially the E90
    BMW E90 M3 CRT - High Resolution Image (3 of 12)
    And Mercedes Benz C class W203
    Rieger Tuning Mercedes-Benz C-Class /W203/: Side Skirts: Type 2 |
    Of course these cars offer excellent crash protection so crashworthiness isn't an excuse for ugly overhangs.

    Even rear-mid engine cars with long overhangs look ridiculous.
    Even for supercars like the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati MC12.

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    Yep all useless...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big time View Post
    While a long hood adds a stylish sporty look, long front overhangs just look outdated.
    They aren't outdated. They are as bang up to date as smartphone apps. They exist because of safety regulations.

    On the other hand, I didn't know a Mercedes-Benz C-Class was sleek...
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    Completely disagree.

    Ugly? Useless?
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    pedestrian safety is obviously a non-issue in the US. Everybody sits in a car....
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    I think it depends on the overall proportions of a car. I tend to favor a shorter front overhang on a front-engine RWD car but I think that a prominent front overhang on on a mid-engine car adds a lot of balance to the proportions.

    As a sweeping generalization, I would have to firmly disagree with the title of this thread. Furthermore, I think we have seen plenty of evidence that several of the world's most beautiful cars have a pronounced front overhang. The McLaren F1 comes to mind as a bulletproof example.

    On a related side note: I have never been a real fan of the 458 Italia and I still don't like the styling details but I must say that from a profile, the proportions are absolutely perfect for a mid-engine sports car.
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