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Thread: V8 Supercars come out to play in Sydney

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    V8 Supercars come out to play in Sydney

    Biggest Public Showing of V8 Supercars in History
    Release Date: 10/02/2005
    The V8 Supercar Championship Series, still Australia’s fastest growing sport, will bring the entire “show”, drivers included, to Sydney next week for the biggest open public exhibition in the sport’s history. And it’s all completely free.

    As part of an ongoing plan to continue to bring V8 Supercars to the people, the largest single sporting equipment movement will base itself outside of Telstra Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park for two hours on Saturday, February 19, from 2.00pm-4.00pm.

    Current V8 Supercar champion Marcos Ambrose, Russell Ingall, Craig Lowndes, Mark Skaife, Greg Murphy and Jason Bright will join 21 other V8 Supercar drivers who have made themselves available to meet the Sydney public on the day.

    The massive logistical exercise precedes the invitation only official 2005 V8 Supercar Championship Series launch that will take place inside Telstra Stadium later that afternoon.

    This special event follows a parade of 15 fully decked out and painted transporters from the Sydney CBD to Olympic Park that morning. The convoy of 25 metre long semi-trailers and their double trailers will make for an incredible spectacle.

    It will be the first chance for the public to see the new colours and look of the 2005 championship and the state of the art technology that forms part of the world’s most competitive touring car category. In some instances the paint will still be drying.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole family and experience the colour and excitement of V8 Supercars. High-octane fun including loads of giveaways, entertainment, carnival rides, food and more — fun for the whole family

    Please see for more.
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    wow amazing, wo0t i love v8s. I wanna go to that show but i prolly wont be able to, thats weird it's only on for 2 hours tho....
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    V8 Supercars parade through Sydney streets
    Release Date: 18/02/2005
    More than $50 million of state of the art equipment will be on show through the Sydney streets and outside Telstra Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park this Saturday as the V8 Supercar Championship Series put on a free public display for the people.

    As part of an ongoing plan to make V8 Supercars available to one and all, theV8 Supercar Championship, its drivers, teams, cars and massive transporters will be based outside of Telstra Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park for two hours on Saturday for the free day.

    The complete field of 16 state of the art and fully liveried semi-trailers will start the day at Patrick’s Wharf, Miller’s Point, near the CBD, work their way across the Darling Harbour flyover, the New Glebe Island Bridge, Victoria Road, Iron Cove Bridge and the Gladesville Bridge.

    From there they will exit into Church Street onto Homebush Bay Drive and make their way to Olympic Boulevard to prepare for the free public open day from 2pm-4pm that afternoon outside of the main entrance to Telstra Stadium (Gates C and D).

    With each transporter valued in excess of $1.5 million and each car $500,000 the V8 Supercar Championship Series has spared no expense in making this technology available for people to get a ‘hands on’ look at the inner workings of the sport.

    The official season launch for invited guests, sponsors and the media will follow this.

    During the public component of the day 29 of the sport’s 32 drivers will be available to the public including current champion Marcos Ambrose, Russell Ingall, Mark Skaife, Greg Murphy, Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards.

    There will be five formal autograph sessions, carnival rides, games, food and drink. Entry is completely free. There are bus and train services direct to Homebush and Olympic Boulevard that will virtually drop people at the front door.

    In order to comply with New South Wales regulations the transporters will be without their “A” trailers which will not detract from the spectacle. Normally these trailers are a third longer again with both trailers attached.

    The parade route is:

    • Exit Patrick’s Wharf - turn right into Sussex Street
    • Cross Darling Harbour flyover
    • Cross the New Glebe Island Bridge
    • Right into Victoria Road
    • Cross the Iron Cove Bridge
    • Cross the Gladesville Bridge
    • Left into Church Street/Concorde Road
    • Entering Homebush Bay Drive
    • Exiting onto Australia Avenue
    • Left into Kevin Coombes Avenue
    • Left into Olympic Boulevard


    Well that there outlines exactly what path the transporters will be taking, hopefully i'll be showing up there before 2pm
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