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Thread: My second ever chop, howz it lookin??

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    My second ever chop, howz it lookin??

    Can i hve sum advice on my 2nd ever chop, plz!!
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    Well nothing is wrong because you did not do much other then lower and change the colours of the wheels, hood, side mold, and spoiler.

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    ok, since its a simple chop my comments are a bit tougher than usual
    1) rim color is weird, makes it look fake, i suggest changing rims than color
    2) front triangle thingy is off, were u took out emblem...
    lol and that lens flare is annoying...
    almost flawless, u missed a bit around the front of the hood.
    ur next goal should be going crazy.... changing kits but at the same time keeping it good.
    ^ quote: keeping it good

    so its good right now, but try more stuff next time

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    for a second chop thats very good. nice and clean.

    as illusionest says though, see if you can try a bit more next time. it doesnt matter if you dont get it exactly right, because its much easier to see what your doing wrong if you actually try a few different things and practise them.
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    Tip: Do not use lens flare. Aside from the VERY rare instance, it is distracting, pointless, misplaced, and a huge indicator that you are new to Photoshop. -

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    fix the rear wheel well.. fill in the dark space dont just leave the ground..makes kits look unreal.
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    it looks good for his second chop EVER!
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