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Thread: New AMG styling for E-Class and M-Class

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    New AMG styling for E-Class and M-Class

    Affalterbach, Feb 16, 2005
    Following hot on the heels of the market launch of the new Mercedes-Benz M-Class, it is now set to make its debut in powerful, dynamic AMG sportswear. The unmistakable AMG bodystyling, like the distinctive 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels, is available for all engine variants of the new Mercedes Off-Roader and lends the M-Class a distinctive, sporty look.

    For drivers of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a taste for more dynamism, Mercedes-AMG also has an enticing offer. The new AMG sports package combines choice equipment features, many of which are not available separately.

    AMG bodystyling for the new M-Class consists of front and rear aprons, painted entirely in body colour and styled in typical AMG fashion. At the front, the new front apron, with its distinctive edges and vertical insets in brushed stainless steel, creates a lasting impression and makes the new M-Class appear even broader and more low-slung. Large, circular fog lamps, ringed in chrome, with the cornering light function as an option, lend the design an extraordinarily striking note.

    Large air intakes and expressive underride guard

    Four magnificent air intakes, featuring the black mesh grille more familiar from motor racing vehicles, underline the dynamic nature of AMG bodystyling for the M-Class. The expressive design of the underride guard, with its vertical contours, also emphasises the muscular character of the Off-Roader. This style is continued through to the AMG rear apron, where the design of the underride guard is the same as at the front. The distinctive curves to accommodate the tailpipes of the twin-pipe exhaust system make the M-Class with AMG bodystyling appear even broader and more muscular. A rear sill guard in brushed stainless steel prevents the rear apron from being scratched when luggage is loaded.

    19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels for a superb look and optimum handling

    AMG light-alloy wheels, measuring 8.5 x 19 inches and painted in sterling silver, set off the new AMG bodystyling to perfection. The AMG wheels have a classic 5-spoke design and are fitted with wide-base, size 255/50 R 19 tyres all round. This not only means that fill out the wheel arches perfectly and provide a decidedly sporty touch when the new M-Class is viewed in profile; they also further optimise the new model's handling.

    AMG bodystyling for the M-Class costs Euro 3364, and the AMG light-alloy wheels are available for Euro 2320 (V6 models) or Euro 1566 (ML 500). In conjunction with the extensive sports package, they cost Euro 696 (all prices include 16 % VAT). Both AMG options are due to be launched in March 2005.

    Attractive AMG sports package for E-Class Saloon and Estate

    The new AMG sports package for the E-Class Saloons and Estates offers an impressively attractive combination of choice equipment features. In visual terms, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class fitted with the AMG sports package closely resembles the muscular top-of-the-line model, the E 55 AMG. The powerful AMG bodystyling at the front and rear and the 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels are designed to turn heads. The AMG wheels, which have a classic, 5-spoke design and are painted in sterling silver with wide-base, size 245/40 R 18 (front) and 265/35 R 18 (rear) tyres make for a superlative look. The 4MATIC models feature 245/40 tyres all round on size 8 J x 18 AMG light-alloy wheels.

    On the E 350 the generously dimensioned braking system from the V8 models ensures even greater active safety, underlined in visual terms by the silver-painted brake callipers, featuring Mercedes-Benz lettering, and perforated front brake discs. Other safety-enhancing features which form part of the package include the sporty suspension tuning of the AVANTGARDE line and the more direct, speed-sensitive power steering, familiar from the E 55 AMG (not available for 4MATIC models). Two large, chromed, oval AMG tailpipes provide a sporty finish at the rear — something that is reinforced in acoustic terms by the resonant engine sound produced by the new rear silencers.

    TWIN Leather and special seats with greater lateral support

    In the interior too the AMG sports package combines a dynamic feel and a stylish look to impressive effect. The contours of the new front seats have been modified to provide greater lateral support when cornering at speed. The leather seat cushions, the side bolsters in a high-quality man-made leather and the pale topstitching create a special atmosphere in the interior. The AMG sports package also includes the multifunction sports steering wheel in embossed leather with gearshift buttons, manual mode for the automatic transmission and the sporty-look chrome/leather gearshift lever. The pedals incorporate brushed stainless steel footrests and black rubber studs, and special floor mats, featuring the AMG logo, round off the AMG sports package for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

    The AMG sports package is available for the E 350 and the E 500 Saloons and Estates, irrespective of the design and equipment line, and is also suitable for 4MATIC all-wheel drive models. The AMG sports package is attractively priced at between Euro 4593.60 and Euro 4999.60 (both prices include 16 % VAT). It is due to be launched in March 2005.

    The AMG sports package for the E-Class at a glance:


    * AMG bodystyling, comprising front and rear aprons
    * 18-inch, 5-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels, painted in sterling silver
    * Mixed-size tyres, size 245/40 R 18 at the front and size 265/35 R 18 at the rear (size 245/40 R 18 all round for 4MATIC models)
    * Larger braking system, silver-painted brake callipers at front with Mercedes-Benz lettering (not for 4MATIC models)
    * Internally ventilated and perforated front brake discs
    * Rear silencers for sporty engine sound and oval, chromed AMG tailpipes
    * Sporty suspension tuning
    * Headlamp cleaning system (for Elegance and AVANTGARDE lines)


    * Sporty seats, upholstered in TWIN Leather and with pale topstitching
    * Multifunction sports steering wheel with gearshift buttons
    * Speed-sensitive direct-ratio power steering
    * Sporty selector lever
    * Stainless steel pedals with black rubber studs
    * Floor mats with AMG logo
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    the ML looks very good!

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    yes the m class looks so amazing i love the front. and the e class is cool too, my dad use to have a 98 E320 wagon it was pretty cool. lol not amg tho i wish!
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    Ewwww the M class looks like crap. The front looks way to busy and the front massive grill looks way too big!! Gross.

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    Just wondering does everyone have to click the link to see the pictures?
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    What link?
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    Mercedes continues to cheapen up the look of its cars...

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    The E still looks nice and the ML has been improved slightly lookswise, but i dont reckon that will help it. The ML-class is a dead car.
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    I think they both look good but I would still never consider any mercedes except the pre 2001 models.
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    The M-Class looks dazzling, but the E-Class wagon's back looks awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spastik_Roach
    Mercedes continues to cheapen up the look of its cars...
    Puts hand up in support.

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    Nice but not as good as BMW's
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