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Thread: Famous Touring Cars

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    Were the r31's GTRs? I thought they were GTSRs or somethen.
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    Spot on Daz the R31 that Gibson Motorsport raced was the GTS-R R31 and it had a RB20 det-r a upgraded version of the rb20det.
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    Touring Cars

    Here is a picture of my M3 as it raced. I have run it in a couple of club races and a classic meeting in the South Island.
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    A more current photo of the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nota View Post
    My pics of Holden 48/215 or FX (can't tell which) these models date between 1948~53

    Not a genuine racecar but this beautifully restored example is a great representation of what locally became the most prolific sedan racers of their era. What makes this particular car really special is its motor, featuring the rare Waggott twincam conversion with triple carbies and enlarged to 2500cc (stock 2.15 Litre OHV). Holdens so equipped could see a doubling of the hp from the standard 60hp to around 120hp, with reasonably similar mph figures. Repco also offered their own twincam 'Highpower Head' for old Holdens, a cheaper and hence more popular conversion that lacked a little in comparison to the exotic Waggott item


    Old Holdens or the 'Humpy' as these models were known absolutely filled the grids of racetracks downunder and were still a prolific sight on every circuit in the country right up to the late 1960s, with crowds of up to 50,000 people. I still remember watching those old Appendix J touring car races on TV with the inevitable crush n' crash as a gaggle of Humpys attempted the four-lanes-into-one squeeze between the wooden boards of the notorious 'Tunnel of Love' corner at Catalina Park raceway

    This series of Holden was much racier than subsequent models because their lightweight 'Aerobuilt' monocoque bodies gave a kerb weight of under one ton. Used in every type of racing, from stock-standard to highly modified units with ridiculously light swiss-cheese bodyshells and fitted with all kinds of 4-speed gearboxes ex-Riley, MG, Peugeot and Jaguar etc. Their original motors were souped up for a genuine 130+ mph on the big circuits like Bathurst, where a 48-215 won the Easter meeting's feature race (combined Sedan & Sports Car event) as late as 1958 - see colour pic - against a quality field. For topical interest I've included small vintage pics of a sideways Holden (again at Bathurst) and another lightweight at a hillclimb
    Since there isn't a Hideout thread and I only have one picture of an FX, I'll put it here,
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    alan moffat's beast from the bowen collection going through it's paces...
    also included is an alfa romeo giocattolo (spelling? too many goddam letters) as i'd like to know if they ever actually entered touring car racing (and if there are pics)
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    Giocattolo, check
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    The Steinmetz Commodore GS3000 was quite good. The dream of every Commodore owner.
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    I didn't find any mentions of this scratch-built Mercedes by Hans Heyer:

    Mercedes-Benz 5.0 SLC Hans Heyer Gr.5 1981

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