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Thread: Hyundai Tiburon

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    Quote Originally Posted by manik_890
    i sure wouldn't i like the new tiburon. Hyundia did a great job in my opinion.

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    well i dotn sudgust getting a 240sx since they dont make ne new ones which means everything available is all there is and prices are generally higher then a car that's same spec but still available, id go for something like a miata since u can get old ones for relatively little money, and new ones arnt that expensive

    they're good handling, underpowered but u can easily get a supercharger for thousand or some bucks

    id discourage getting any "sporty" fwd car unless its a civic or integra/rsx since they're the only neutral handling fwds available, dont get a corolla thinking its same as a civic cuz its suspension is much softer the engine is asthmatic (to me newayz) and the rear suspension isnt independent

    also the corolla xrs comes with rear drum brakes and well ... that needs no further explanation

    the miata would be my #1 choice but that's just me, an rx7 would be a better choice if u had a bit of cash lying around, rx7s are MUCH more expensive then miatas hell a 99 rx7 tt in near mint condition costs about as much as a new mx5, and performance parts will cost even more

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