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Thread: 2001 honda city specifications

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    2001 honda city specifications

    Hi all,

    im new in this forum, does anyone know the technical specs of the 2001 honda city or where to find them?

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    if maric shows up soon he will probably know...........
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    :P hehe yalllo, wow im known round here , ok well, i dont know about the new City, i only really find out about the old one e.g in this topic:

    But, you did temp me so i had to go searching cause i didnt know there was a new Honda City coming out, sooooo i had a look around and i found out some little facts

    Length 4225 mm
    Width 1690 mm
    Height 1395 mm
    Kerb Weight 985 Kg
    Ground Clearance 170 mm
    Wheel Base 2500 mm

    Type Petrol, inline, 4 cylinder
    Piston Displacement 1492 cc
    Max. Power 100bhp@6400rpm
    Max. Torque 13.00 kg-m @4700rpm

    Max.Speed 175 kmph

    Sorry just had to get the Max Speed in :P and i dont know if that is the new Honda city:

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