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Thread: Cool Videos from Cadillac Website

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    Cool Videos from Cadillac Website

    I am not sure about these videos from the Cadillac Website but they are somehow related to the new movie Be Cool. This is not spam I just found these videos interesting and worth a peek.( The winner of this contest Got a CTS-V i believe). once you enter the site click on the Winners or for other videos click on Film Gallery.

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    There are some really funny ones!

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    Which brings up the question, does anyone know how(if possible) you can save videos like these? With ordenary videos its no problem, but with this sort of advanced flash usage I've yet to figure it out. Even if you save the whole page all you get is a .gif file (that is a black dot, guess its used for something more/else) a flash object (the frames of the page) and two javascript files. My java isn't THAT advanced yet, as far as I understand from the coding is that the movie is saved on your harddrive as a cookie, but deleted at the end of the program... I've found a bunch of other stuff(videos etc.) "temporarly" saved on the harddrive, but no flash. Can one still find it somewhere?
    I'd apperciate help on the matter.

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    Ya it would be cool to sve some of these videos, I haven't found a way. They have some pretty funny videos. lol I like the one were the prople go into the scyscraper and it like flies away. Oh and the one that won in my opinion shouldn't have. It wasn't THAT good.....but it was still cool. Great find G55!
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    I have a program called Hypercam that lets me select an area on my screen and it just records whatever is there. I've used it to get numerous streaming videos. Getting the settings just right can be frustrating, but after you've found them it works great.
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    Cool, im gonna check it out. Thanx!
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    I use HiDownload for video streams.

    BUT it doesn't handled embedded flash So I'll be trying Matt's hypercam. Thanks !!
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