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Thread: C6 Convertible vs. SS-R

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrown37
    ok be seriously honest, this is for business. what grabs your attention better and has a bigger impact on you on the inside (yes, it sounds queer, but i dotn know what else to say)- a red C6 convertible or a red SS-R? i already have a yellow gallardo, black sl55, and i want to create the trio that will atract the most people, but im torn between a red vette or red ss-r. be honest. ( i am leaning towards ssr myself, for variety and style)
    Nothing can replace the Corvette, SS-R has a long ways to go to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coventrysucks
    He isn't.

    He is working on a project and has three pictures of cars - Black SL, Yellow Gallardo and is asking for help to decide which of the pictures would be best to complete the trio.

    I think for most people an exciting picture of a not so interesting car will be more of a draw than a dull picture of a better car.
    Ah thx i got it now. Then i'd add the new RS4 in red.
    That would be a nice complement for the angular Gallardo.
    BTW the red colour just suits the Audi the best IMO.
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    SS-R. It is more unusual..
    Mustangs/ TVRs, M3s, 911 Turbos...make me smile from ear to ear...everything else..just makes me smile.

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