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Thread: Fabio Ferrari's Rare Automobile Brochures.

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    You are 15. I would suggest you stop posting and spend a lot more time reading. When you are young it's best to realize others know quite a bit more and try to learn from them. Post non-stop is not going to do that. This forum is actually rather intolerant of people who post a lot with little to say.

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    yes i know people know a lot more than me but do not mean i have to stop posting i will do less threads but i will still post
    Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you."
    Jeremy Clarkson

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    We aren't telling you to not post but it's better to actually read the discussions and try to be part of the discussions rather than posting random stuff or simply asking if we like stuff. Most of us didn't know much about cars at one point. We had to learn though for many of us the internet wasn't an option. Anyway, asking specific questions about a car or auto technology is fine. Just making thread after thread or post after post asking about what car we think is coolest isn't winning you ANY favor around here. If you want people to take the time to answer your questions you would be wise to actually value the time they use to respond to you. Again, this forum doesn't seem to have a high tolerance for troll like posters, even ones who don't mean to be trolls.
    I see that not an hour after posting the above you started yet another random thread. You really don't listen very well.

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