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Thread: Z9 Chop

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    Z9 Chop

    I used to chop occasionally but never got around to posting any of them. Heres a Z9 chop. I also put in one of my Z chops aswell.Questions, comments, concerns please.

    Z9 Original :
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    koenigsegg rims

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinky_boi
    koenigsegg rims
    I noticed that too, they really seem to suit the. They sort fit in very well!

    But with the Z's rims I dunno if they fit the car well but I like the body of the Z without the badges and crap. Cool chops mate!
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    where is the door of the Z...

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    doors? pah who needs em :P clamber in through the roof window :P
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    that Z is smooth, good job.
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    THe rims on the first one are far too bright, they don't fit the picture.
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