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Thread: V8 Supercars: Round 5 Shanghai, China

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    V8 Supercars: Round 5 Shanghai, China

    Shanghai - facts and figures with SBR
    Release Date: 07/06/2005
    The following are details relating to this weekend’s fifth round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series at Shanghai China. Also find following thoughts from both Pirtek Racing’s Marcos Ambrose and Caltex Racing’s Russell Ingall.


    * Both Marcos Ambrose and Russell Ingall consider that this weekend’s maiden race at the new Shanghai circuit could be a turning point for many drivers in the championship.

    * While Russell Ingall is sitting second in the overall championship to Marcos Ambrose by 35 points – he is actually leading the title chase by 1 point when you deduct the worst result of the opening three rounds. Each driver will deducted his worst round from the opening 10 rounds of the championship. The final three rounds will all count towards the final championship tally.

    * For the first time V8 Supercars venture outside Australasia for the 349th Australian Touring Car Championship round to be held since 1960. Shanghai will be the 25th different circuit used in that time.

    * Although Marcos Ambrose hasn’t scored a Pole position in the four rounds so far, he does go to Shanghai with the best average grid position. He has had three second places and one third for an average of 2.25 while Craig Lowndes is next best with three Poles and a seventh for an average of 2.5.

    * There may have been four different winners in the first four rounds but there has been one constant on the podium - Marcos Ambrose. He has finished in the top three in all four races and if he can do it again it will be the first time since 2002 that a driver has been on the opening five podiums.

    * With their two drivers sitting 1-2 in the Championship going to China, it is no surprise to see that Stone Brothers Racing is the most consistent team in the series with 19 top ten finishes in the 10 races that have made up the four rounds so far. The only blemish was an 18th place for Russell Ingall after a gearbox problems and tyre blew out in the second race at the Clipsal 500, back in March.


    “I have been pretty excited about the China round since it was first announced. A lot of people have worked enormously hard to make this happen and hopefully it will be a great success for everyone involved.

    “There is a lot at stake for a lot of people across a whole range of areas – including myself. China could turn out to be the real Wildcard of this championship. I desperately want to win my third consecutive championship this season and I don’t think I will be able to do that without a bag of points from next weekend. The track looks very interesting and is no doubt going to be fast. The event will be an adventure for everyone at Pirtek Racing, but it is going to be important to keep our eye on the ball with so many distractions.”

    “I think the reaction to Formula 1 and the 500cc bikes by the Chinese fans was pretty special. I think the local fans will really enjoy the different sights and sounds that are offered by V8 Supercars. I think we will have a lot more fans once we have visited China for our first race.

    CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS (After round 4, 2005)
    Current Points: 708 (1st)
    Born: September 1, 1976
    Car: Pirtek BA Falcon
    Number: 1
    V8 Supercar debut: 2001
    2004 Championship: 1st
    Round Starts: 56

    Poles: 16 – Eastern Creek (Rd 13), Queensland 300, Eastern Creek (2004); Sandown, Oran Park, Queensland Raceway, Winton, Eastern Creek (2003); Phillip Island, Oran Park, Winton, Qld 500, Sandown (2002); Eastern Creek, Qld 500, Bathurst (2001)
    Race wins: 24 (Last win – Race 1 – Eastern Creek, Round 3, 2005)

    Round wins: 14 – Adelaide Clipsal 500 (2005), Eastern Creek (Rd 13), Sandown 500, Oran Park, Queensland 300, Adelaide Clipsal 500 (2004); Eastern Creek, Oran Park, Hidden Valley, Barbagallo, Winton, Eastern Creek (2003), Sandown (2002); Hidden Valley (2001)

    V8 Championship Results: 1st (2004); 1st (2003); 3rd (2002); 7th (2001); Other Major
    V8 Supercar Results: 1st Sandown 500 (2004); V8 Supercar Rookie of the Year (2001)

    Career highlights: 1st European Formula Ford championship (2000); 2nd Australian Formula Ford Championship (1997); 1999 British Formula Ford Championship (3rd)


    “Over the years I have been in this situation a few times where the series I am participating in has gone to a totally new venue. There are just so many variables involved and whoever deals with them best will have the best chance to winning the weekend. The logistics of putting this first race together have been incredible. The language barrier, different food and traffic conditions are three of the main factors we are going to have to deal with on a daily basis – and it won’t be easy. If there is one thing Caltex Racing is good at, it is being prepared and I think that’s why we head to China with a very good chance.”

    “A lot of companies are taking corporate groups, many fans have joined organised tours while other have made their own arrangements. I have not been to the circuit yet, but from the images I have seen and the stories I have been told, it is mind blowing. They tell me that we won’t be running the full F1 circuit, but our course will still be around 4km long and the average speeds are going to be right up there. To win the first ever V8 Supercar race in China would be a pretty cool thing to achieve. I will be giving it a bloody good try.”

    CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS (After Round 4, 2005)
    Current Points: 673 (2nd)
    Born: February 2, 1964
    Car: Caltex BA Falcon
    Number: 9
    V8 Supercar debut: 1996
    2004 Championship: 2nd
    Round Starts: 112

    Poles: 1 Winton (2001)

    Race wins: 25 (Last Win – Race 3, Barbagallo Raceway, WA, 2005)

    Round wins: 11 – Symmons Plains (2004); Surfers Paradise (2003) Queensland Raceway (2003), Winton (2001); Qld 500 (1999); Lakeside, Mallala, Hidden Valley (1998); Phillip Island, Winton (1997); Calder (1996)

    V8 Championship Results: 2nd (2004); 7th (2003); 2nd (2001); 9th (2000); 2nd (1999); 2nd (1998); 3rd; (1997); 6th (1996); Other Major V8 Supercar Results: 1st Bathurst 1000 (1995, 1997); 1st Sandown 500 (1998); 1st Queensland 500 (1999); 2nd Bathurst 1000 (2002); 2nd Sandown 500 (1997, 2004)

    Career Highlights: 1st Australian Formula Ford championship (1990); 2nd British Formula Ford 1600 Championship (1991)

    CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS (After Round 4 of 13)
    1. Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 708
    2. Russell Ingall (Ford) 673
    3. Steven Richards (Holden) 585
    4. Craig Lowndes (Ford) 554
    5. Mark Skaife (Holden) 546
    6. Greg Murphy (Holden) 506
    7. Todd Kelly (Holden) 492
    8. Steven Johnson (Ford) 485
    9. John Bowe (Ford) 469
    10. Paul Weel (Holden) 442


    Friday June 10
    12.40pm – 2.40pm – Practice

    Saturday June 11
    10.45am – 11.30am – Qualifying
    11.45am – 12.15pm – Top Ten Shootout
    3.20pm – 4.10pm – RACE 1 (100km)

    Sunday June 12
    10.20am – 11.30pm – RACE 2 (140km)
    1.30pm – 2.40pm – RACE 3 (140km)

    TV Telecast – Network Ten
    Sunday June 12
    12.00pm – 5.00pm
    I was kinda hoping there'd be some Saturday coverage for this round, it IS twice the usual coverage at 5 hours but like they usually do for Pukekohe, alot of that will be about the track, the country, how they got the cars there, different stuff the drivers do bla bla bla, and as well as that theres the shootout and 3 races to go over
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    And what good deal they got in the back of the street
    It's going to be tuff this race with no one knowing anything at all about it or i meen not much track time @ all
    "Just a matter of time i suppose"

    "The elevator is broke, So why don't you test it out"

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    FPR will probably have the biggest advantage with their links to BAR through Prodrive, but not only is it a shorter version than the F1 track, just how much data is comparable between an F1 car and V8 Supercar next to none knowing their luck
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