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    Fulda Carat tire

    Fulda Carat Exelero —

    New Ultra High-Performance tire tested and certified with the TÜV Süd (Technical Board of Control) test symbol

    State-of-the-art technology, convincing comfort and convenience, impressive economics – the end-consumers know what they want and are becoming increasingly discerning. More than ever before the automobile-supporting industry is called upon to respond to the clearly evident trend in automobile manufacture towards more cubic capacity, higher horse power and better performance characteristics coupled with technically-compatible, performance-orientated product components. Predictions for the Ultra High-Performance tire segment indicate a sales increase of over 60 percent for the V, W and Y speed categories in the period from 2003 to 2008.

    As the result of equally intensive as well as complex research and development work, since January 2005 with the Carat Exelero Fulda has placed a further example of trend-setting tire technology in the service of a quality-sensitive consumer group. This had been preceded by a comprehensive analysis and development process, which was able to further differentiate and repeatedly effectively increase the performance spectrum of previously available summer tire products.

    Refined and perfected for the requirements of sporty drivers, the new Carat Exelero impresses with outstanding characteristics when braking on wet roads, in its handling and in noise emission build-up. These positive characteristics have not least impressed the Technical Board of Control (TÜV Süd), which after a detailed tire test and quality audit of the Fulda production processes, awarded the new Fulda Carat Exelero the TÜV test symbol. In doing so the TÜV Süd has for the first time recognized the research and development endeavours undertaken by a tire manufacturer on the basis of an independent testing and certification process.

    The development of the new Carat Exelero is also the result of intensive market research. Customer surveys conducted by Fulda Reifen have revealed that the majority of motorists would like to have tires with optimized braking characteristics on wet road surfaces ensuring good handling coupled with simultaneous low noise build-up.

    As a result a special wet grip composite has been developed for the top Fulda product, which thanks to its low elasticity, offers a high grip level and ensures shorter braking distances especially on wet road surfaces. In principle a tire running surface with low elasticity produces a more effective grip on the road surface than a composite with higher elasticity. The contact between the tire and road surface is guaranteed for a longer period, the tire contact surface is larger overall. The new Carat Exelero virtually 'sticks' to the road.

    In addition, the new High-Performance carcass ensures improved handling both on dry as well as on wet road surfaces. Developed for the special requirements of high HP and sports cars, the tire developers placed special emphasis on the tires’ high stability and good response behaviour. The stable carcass is less susceptible to deformation during heavy braking manoeuvres and on sharp bends and thus not only improves the tire’s grip but also the vehicle’s steering behaviour.

    With the newly developed and unique DualShift Method (2-fold offset or shift tread block configuration) the Fulda engineers have been able to clearly reduce the Carat Exelero’s noise emissions. The DualShift Method consists of two elements: on the one hand the special configuration of various tread block sizes in the shoulder section and the running surface centre leads to an audible reduction in the sound frequency peaks. On the other the six circumferential longitudinal grooves are individually set, which has led to a further improvement in driving comfort and low noise build-up. The directional tread of the Fulda Carat Exelero is already patented.

    Since the first quarter of 2005, Fulda’s new UHP model has been available from the specialist trade in 33 sizes and 39 models ranging from 15 to 23 inches (55 to 25 series). The range also includes 13 sizes which Fulda is putting into series production for the first time. Here in particular, tire sizes in the 18 to 20 inches category and in addition, a 23-inch size, are going into production.

    Delivery program:

    205/55 R 16 91 V
    205/55 ZR 16 91 W
    225/55 R 16 95 V
    225/55 ZR 16 95 W
    205/50 R 16 87 V
    205/50 ZR 16 87 W
    225/50 R 16 92 V
    225/50 ZR 16 92 W
    205/50 ZR 17 89 W
    205/50 ZR 17 93 W XL
    215/50 ZR 17 95 W XL
    225/50 ZR 17 94 Y

    195/45 R 15 78 V
    195/45 R 16 84 V XL
    205/45 ZR 17 88 W XL
    215/45 ZR 17 91 Y XL
    225/45 ZR 17 91 Y
    225/45 ZR 17 94 Y XL
    235/45 ZR 17 94 Y
    245/45 ZR 17 95 Y
    245/45 ZR 18 00 Y XL
    255/45 ZR 18 03 Y XL

    215/40 ZR 16 86 W XL
    205/40 ZR 17 84 W XL
    215/40 ZR 17 87 Y XL
    235/40 ZR 17 90 Y
    245/40 ZR 17 91 Y
    255/40 ZR 17 94 Y
    225/40 ZR 18 92 Y XL
    235/40 ZR 18 91 Y
    245/40 ZR 18 93 Y

    255/35 ZR 18 94 Y XL
    265/35 ZR 18 97 Y XL
    235/35 ZR 19 91 Y XL
    245/35 ZR 20 95 Y XL

    285/30 ZR 18 93 Y
    265/30 ZR 19 93 Y XL
    285/30 ZR 20 99 Y XL

    315/25 ZR 23 02 Y XL

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    German High-Tech for the location and brand

    Since 1962 Fulda Reifen has been part of the globally operating Goodyear Group and today is an integrate part of the German Goodyear-Dunlop Group.
    The Fulda production location concentrates on special tires and innovative tire design in the UHP and SUV sector and has been permanently extended in the last twenty years.
    The brand company markets and distributes all the relevant product lines covering car, light truck, off-road, truck and agricultural tires.

    In keeping with the American parent company’s commitment to the location Germany, the management is also permanently endeavouring to consolidate measures aimed at safeguarding and extending the Fulda location in consultation and cooperation with the “Betriebsrat” (Works Council).

    Facts and figures:

    Employees at the location:
    around 1,700

    Annual production output:
    over 7 million tires

    Annual sales volume Fulda brand:
    National: approx. 5 million tires
    International: approx. 4 million tires

    The Fulda brand has achieved a market share of almost 10 percent in Germany.


    1900: Foundation of the company for the production of rubber products

    1906: Production of the first full rubber tires

    1927: Merger with the company „Seiberling Rubber Co. Akron/Ohio“. Production of the first pneumatic tires with a tube.

    1935: Take over of Rubber Works Fulda’s stock capital by Vorwerk and Sons, Production of Buna Tires

    1946: Reconstruction of the Works which were destroyed by 90% during World War II.

    1962: Take over by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

    1979: Start of production of the first lower cross-section wide tires.

    1993: First German tire company certified by DIN ISO 9002

    1995: Settlement of a company regulation for round-the-clock work hours (7 days a week).

    1997: Commencement of construction of new warehouse

    1998: Completion and opening of new warehouse – December, 29: the seven millionth tire is produced

    1999: FULDAnet – Fulda is establishing the first private weather service together with weather-specialist Jörg Kachelmann / 250 weather stations are planned on medium term / FULDAnet weather show every evening on ARD-programme in TV / inauguration of the FULDAnet weather station within the FULDA plant area

    2000: 100th anniversary

    Settlement of a company regulation for the reinstallment of the 40-hours-week

    For its newly created traffic security actions (measurement of endusers‘ profile depth with special laser technology) Fulda gains the traffic security prize „One PS for Security“ of the German Traffic Minister as well as the „German Traffic Security Prize in Gold“ of the German Traffic Security Service.

    2002: FULDA’S Sport-Event FULDA CHALLENGE in Yukon (Northern Canada), which is supporting the strength of the brand, receives the highest political acknowledgement awarded by the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

    2003: The higher production flexibility is leading to further investments

    2004: Fulda is awarded the German Prize in Gold in recognition of the innovative contribution to the weather service for motorists in collaboration with Jörg Kachelmann.
    12 cylinders or walk!

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    is that the maybach concept in the picture of the headlight?
    isnt it also called the excelero?

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    Looks like it but I don't know

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyperl
    is that the maybach concept in the picture of the headlight?
    isnt it also called the excelero?
    yes it is, and I DO know
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    yes, maybach exelero was built for testing this tire
    12 cylinders or walk!

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