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Thread: Moto GP at Laguna Seca!

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    Moto GP at Laguna Seca!

    Resultsat Laguna Seca:

    1: Nicky Hayden, Repsol Honda team. USA.
    2: Colin Edwards, Yamaha. USA
    3: Valentino Rossi, Yamah. Italy.

    Just saw it on Euro Sport...
    Wat a stunning course Laguna Seca is.. You get chils down yor back
    watching annything from that circuit.
    Funny having two americans at the podium
    Lovely racing!!

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    Yeah, just go to show how important local knowledge is. Hayden was pretty much untouchable the whole weekend. Even Rossi didn't seem to have an answer to him!

    It was a great move into the Corkscrew by Edwards to take the 2nd place from Rossi. Truely ballsey stuff!
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    Just saw it a while ago on Euro Sport too
    First the fastest time of the warm up session and now the first place, congratulations Nick Hayden!
    Anyways, it was great and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

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    Yeah there was an interview with Rossi in early practice where he said he was following Hayden and Edwards to try to learn the line. Hayden quipped that as long as it stayed that way for the race he'd be happy. He is

    It WAS criminal that there was nothing on the wall out of turn 6 up the hill. The bikes were clearly sliding their rear tyres on the exit and all it woudl have taken was a VERY minor loss of control and there woudl have been a rider hitting concrete at 100+mph. They're going to have to do somethign about that before they can allow MotoGP back on it as their speeds are WAY WAY higher than AMA and WSB

    Also, seemingly MotoGP have said that it HAS to be resurfaced before next years race as it has too many ripples !!!
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    It was a good race, i didn't expect Rossi to win having not known the track. It shows u how good he is to still get 3rd tho.

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    What did Sete end up getting?
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    Max Biaggi 4th.
    Sete Gibernau 5th.

    Check out for more

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    And Melandri and Checa didn't make it to the finish line, right??
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