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Thread: Volvo C70 (2nd gen) 2006-2013

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    Volvo C70 (2nd gen) 2006-2013

    15 Jul 2005
    The all new Volvo C70 – both convertible and coupe!

    It’s ready to take its place in the sun – the all new Volvo C70.
    Which also doubles as a coupe!
    Thanks to a unique three-piece retractable hardtop, customers of the second-generation Volvo C70 can enjoy life without compromise – whether the top is up or down. The all new Volvo C70 is unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September, and sales will get under way in the first half of 2006.

    “We’ve succeeded in creating an attractive convertible which, at the mere touch of a button, converts into an equally elegant coupe. The customer gets two cars in one. Both with space for four adults,” says Volvo Cars President and CEO Hans-Olov Olsson.
    The all new Volvo C70 is about the same size as its predecessor, but is equally wide and a full four-seater. The forward-thrusting nose section gives the car a powerful profile.
    “Putting together harmonious lines both with and without a roof is no easy job,” says Fedde Talsma, design manager for the all new Volvo C70. “We decided to start with the coupe design. When we were satisfied with the result, we made the necessary adjustments to create a convertible out of the coupe lines. Our experience tells us this is the best way of going about it.”

    Unique safety solutions

    The all new Volvo C70 was developed to offer new standards of preventive and protective safety in the convertible market. The car has an advanced body structure and several solutions that make it unique among open-top cars. The lack of a fixed roof has been compensated for by reinforcements and sophisticated technology. One unique example is the door-mounted Inflatable Curtain (IC) a new feature, which is part of the enhanced protection system for side impacts.
    Since the IC cannot be fitted in the roof like other Volvos, it is fitted in the door and inflates upwards when it is deployed.

    Volvo's safety engineers have fine-tuned the IC to be extra stiff. As a result, it can stay upright and help protect the head effectively. In addition, the curtain deflates slowly to help provide additional protection if the car rolls over. This is a unique solution in the automotive world.

    High torsional rigidity

    The body structure, in a carefully designed network of beams, not only contributes to the car’s high safety standards, it also gives the body extremely high torsional rigidity – twice as high as that of the previous C70 model. With the roof up, torsional rigidity increases by a further 10-15 percent.
    “A torsionally rigid body is important to the car’s driving behaviour,” says C70 project manager Patrik Widerstrand. “It makes the car more stable and easier to control. It also makes the car more dynamic and fun to drive.”
    The all-new Volvo C70 is initially powered by in-line, five-cylinder engines topped by the turbocharged 2.5 litre T5 that produces 220 hp (162 kW) and offers maximum torque of 320 Nm. There are also two normally aspirated, 2.4-litre engines producing 170 hp (125 kW) and 140 hp (103 kW).
    Later during 2006 a 2.4 litre, 5-cylinder diesel engine, producing 180 hp (132 kW), will be available.

    Cooperation with Pininfarina

    The development and manufacture of the all new Volvo C70 is the result of a joint venture with renowned Italian company Pininfarina and like its predecessor, the car is built in Uddevalla in Sweden.
    “Pininfarina is an excellent partner with long experience of developing and building convertibles,” says Hans-Olov Olsson.
    The first-generation C70 Convertible had its best year in 2004 with just over 8,000 cars sold.
    “Our all new C70 is one of the first open-top cars in the premium segment with both a steel roof and space for four adults. We believe this is a highly sought-after combination. That’s why we expect to more than double our sales compared with the first-generation C70,” says Hans-Olov Olsson.
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    Volvo C70 #2:
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    Another fantastic looking Coupe and Cabriolet by Volvo, two thumbs up!

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    I agree it looks great

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    conforms to their new styling with the sharper angles mixing with curves its really good.
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    Yeah, looks really sexy
    Who also thinks that the best looking car seat is a Volvo seat?

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    Wow, a four-seater folding hard-top, is that a first for that? Looks nice, I likes it.

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    more hard-top convertibles..
    funky how the steel top extend all the way from the trunk to the front windshield in 3 pieces..... looks like it doesn't have enough support. :P must have taken the engineers a long time to figure out how to support that heavy long roof...

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    I want one for sure now
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    i like the look of the back of the car but to me it seems like they havnt bothered much with the design of the front it looks exactly like all the other latest volvo models which is kind of disapointing i find.
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    It's great!! When it's closed it still looks classy and when it's open it looks very sexy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimento
    Wow, a four-seater folding hard-top, is that a first for that? Looks nice, I likes it.
    The Lexus SC430 has four seats, although they are so tight you'd be hard pressed to fit a real person into the rear seats...
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    at first i was like we already have the 307CC & 206CC but this is a full 4 seater. nice going Volvo. their cars always look alike.

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    Volvo have really made some decent cars recently, starting with their FIRST C70, which I still love. Anyone got any photos of the coupé?

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    This is a nice looking car.
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