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Thread: losing power? use air intake HEAT SHIELD!

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    losing power? use air intake HEAT SHIELD!

    Just a suggestion for BMW 3 series. if you have high flow air filter in your engine compartment, you might want to consider buying a heat shield for extra power. My mechanic has suggested me to buy heat shield from [Removed] because they are the only manufacture for STEEL METAL heat shield especially for E30. You cannot find anywhere else! The "box" shield is incredible because it fit the engine compartment very well. The reason I bought the shield is because when my car drive slow, the intake system inhale the hot air from the engine. I lose POwer!!! [Removed] cold air boxes are made of steel sheet metal laminated to heat absorbing material and trimmed with a generous amount of insulating rubber. This is excellent. You can only find heat shield for E36 and E46 mostly from racing dynamic or electrodyne. But their product is simply deflect the direct heat from the side of the engine but allows hot air circulate around the shield and are far less functional to prevent the air system. Perhaps, if you are concern about your car, you might want to contact the technical person in [Removed]. I dont think you can find in any other place since it is a new invention. My mechanic shop bought it from them. But I guess you dont want to go all the way to northridge if you are in Boston. Well, this is really work!
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    Nice try, but this is spam.
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    Not only that, but it's also been done before

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    Wouldn't getting your air from a cooler place be easier/actually work?

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    Might have to check out these heat shields from [Removed]...sounds like a decent company

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