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Thread: Bugatti Type 251 1955-1956

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    Bugatti Type 251 1955-1956

    Bugatti T251
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    I was wondering if you could identify the individuals in this photo?
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    The driver is certainly Maurice Trintignant. Unfortunately I don't know who the standing people are.
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    Second from left is Roland Bugatti. The rest I do not know. Probably Pierre Marco should be there as well, but as I am "face blind" I have a hard time recognizing people.

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    Bugatti Type 251

    The final resurgence of the original Bugatti was the Type 251, completed in 1955. Designed by Gioacchino Colombo of Ferrari fame, it was powered by a new 2.5 L (2486 cc/151 in³) straight-8. Uniquely, this engine was mounted transversely, behind the driver. For the first time in a Bugatti, an oversquare engine was used with a 76 mm bore and 68.5 mm stroke. A de Dion tube rear suspension was also a novelty for the company, though it was in vogue at the time. The Type 251 was entered in the 1956 French Grand Prix, driven by Maurice Trintignant , but was not competitive and retired after 18 laps.

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    Is there a 251 in the Musée national de l’automobile?

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