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Thread: Dodge viper vs F16 is this true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine
    again, PR-speak.

    The plane COULD be run with no flaps and slight pitch down and delay V1 - the normal rotation point to pitch the nose up and take off.

    It's a stupid comparison in my mind anyway and alwasy will be. Cars get traction by tyres. Planes get "traction" by exhaust speed. Of course a car will beat a plane away from scratch, that's physics, and of course a plane will beat a car on top sped for the same reasons - physics. EVERYTHING else in the comparison is only car manufacturers getting publicity.

    They'd be as well saying there car can be painted quicker than a plane
    Worryingly , SOME fanboys would still think that important if it let them notch up another for their favourite
    So true.

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    Interesting. Matra, once again, you have my admiration (but not for knowing an insane fact this time)
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    Quote Originally Posted by CdocZ

    EDIT: Wow, that was messed!! I just saw this again, and saw "edited by Rock", and I was like "HOLY CRAP I forgot he was a mod!!!" I was so confused hahahaha.
    LOL...I never realized Rock was a mod either. Gogo paying attention me!

    Sorry 'bout the bandwidth, didn't even think about it. I'll make a point of not quoting pictures again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coventrysucks
    "The idea was originally concocted by Tony Estes, a past president of the Viper Club of America, and Cameron White, who were both honorary base commanders at the time."
    I think not. I think a F1 raced a F18 in Australia and this cr@p pops up nearly every year. Initially a jet will take more time to accelerate than almost any high powered car. It obviously all comes down to the length of the race. but these races are not about winners anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guyonblackYBX
    a friend of mine mailed me the following story, how many of you came across this story, is that true? if it is true then can anyone elaborate tha story again if you dont mind, or can anyone give me any related link where ic an fin pics or more info about this intresting pice of info. n thx a lot for your awesome response on my first thread. the story is as follows

    you will be surprised to know that in one
    replies-belive it or not, they showed a race between
    doge viper and f16 fighter plane. The race was like
    this, they both start from zero and since the plane is
    on groud before take off, they fixed a distance that
    was to be covered. Now the thing is people think that
    the best figher plane can win this race without any
    prob. and yes it won, but only in photo finish, plane
    nose was fraction ahead of car at the line.

    I read about in car and driver
    they raced them because the F16 was special version with extra weapons known as the Viper
    the dodge viper lost badly

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    yep yep... saw it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 092326001
    I read about in car and driver
    they raced them because the F16 was special version with extra weapons known as the Viper
    the dodge viper lost badly
    OH yeah, it lost badly.
    I know you guys don't like reading a whole thread, but for god's sake, at least read the 1st page.

    I brought this up before a long time ago, and everyone called "bullsh*t" on me.
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    How about a race between any car and a F-14 launched off a catapult, like on an aircraft carrier.(But not actually on the carrier.)

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