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Thread: McLaren F1 LM 1995-1996

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    Thank you very much Peloton for all those very wonderfull pictures

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    Welcome Jungalad all pictures in this section ( Matt's Hi-Res Hide-Out ) need to be at least 1280x960. But nevertheless you are welcome to reply or browse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peloton25 View Post
    Chassis #018 was originally dark blue with a grey interior and I am fairly certain it's first owner was Yoshio Tsuzuki in Japan. The car was spotted in Sweden in 1999 and at the time it was reportedly owned by Tom Meissner. I believe he then sold car to someone in Germany and that they were the ones who initiated the High Downforce Kit conversion and respray, and eventually the fitment of the LM-spec engine.

    In January of this year the car's German owner sold chassis #018, with the car ending up in a Singapore dealer that is also the Pagani distributor. Coincidentally they had also purchased F1 chassis #065 which was formerly McLaren's own car on display in the Park Lane showroom in London.

    Below are two pics of #018 taken inside the McLaren Customer Care facility following it's final refit and one of the few shots of it that have surfaced of the car since arriving in Singapore.

    One of the Coolest McLaren F1s Ever Is Coming Up For Auction

    McLaren F1 chassis #018 is one of two equipped with the rare Extra-High Downforce Kit and a 680-HP LM-spec V-12. Expect it to go for at least $21 million.

    Any time one of the 106 McLaren F1s in existence come up for sale, it's an event, but this one is even more special. Auction house RM Sotheby's announced today that McLaren F1 chassis 018 will be up for bidding at its Pebble Beach event next month. It's one of just two F1s modified by McLaren into "LM specifications."

    The LM specification included what McLaren called an "Extra-High Downforce Kit," and a hotter version of the F1's BMW-designed 6.1-liter V-12. Basically, it's an unrestricted race engine, making around 680 horsepower verses the standard F1's 627. The car was also upgraded with 18-inch OZ Racing center-lock five-spoke wheels like those used on the F1 GTR race car.

    Originally, this F1 was painted dark blue, but when its second owner sent the car back to McLaren for the LM-specification upgrades, he had it repainted in the current shade of Platinum Silver Metallic. The interior was re-trimmed, too, with lots of cream leather and Alcantara—a nice contrast to the racy spec of the car. Interestingly, that second owner had the car fit with a Kenwood radio. Famously, the F1's designer, Gordon Murray, didn't listen to the radio, so the cars were originally equipped only with a custom-designed Kenwood CD changer.

    Since it originally left the McLaren factory in 1994, F1 018 has only been driven 13,352 miles. In its 25 years of existence, it's been back to McLaren Special Operations for maintenance work many times, which is typical of an F1. Since 2007, the car has lived in New Zealand under the care of Andrew Bagnall, who was featured in a video produced by McLaren back in 2017.

    [ame=""]Andrew Bagnalls McLaren F1 - rarest of the rare - YouTube[/ame]

    It's hard to put an exact price on this car. Last year, RM Sotheby's listed a high-downforce kit-equipped F1 for sale with an asking price of $22 million, though the final sale price was never reported. RM Sotheby's estimates that this one will sell for between $21 and 23 million. The last public auction of a McLaren F1 was at Pebble Beach in 2017, where chassis 044 sold for $15.6 million. F1s have climbed in value significantly since then, and the rare specs on chassis 018 could push it towards the $25 million mark.

    Added: It was Sold for $ 19,805,000 the 17th of August 2019
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    Chassis 018 LM Specification

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    Thank you very much Peloton for all those very wonderfull pictures and useful info!

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