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Thread: Triumph Dolomite Sprint

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    Triumph Dolomite Sprint

    The Triumph Dolomite was introduced in 1972 as an up-market version of the FWD Toledo. It was fitted with an 1850 cc four pot, giving 95 BHP and the traditional English luxury outfit, including overdrive and/or autobox. It could easily 100 mph, and 60 was reached within 11 seconds. The cream on the cake came when Triumph installed a 2 litre 16 valve engine (the world first multivalve engine produced in larger numbers) which produced 127 BHP, allowing a less than 8 seconds time to reach 60 mph. Alloys were standard, a vinyl roof optional. Production ceased in 1980, invoked also by the general trouble British Leyland was in at that time.

    The car was marred however by its continuous trouble with the engine, cooling being the main issue. By now the car has reached classic status and the problems are now largely under control for the few cars that are still around.

    Shown are a 1850 HL and the Sprint version taken at the Zolder 2004 Historic GP Meeting
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    Dolomite Sprint Race Car
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    Here are two more Sprint. btw, does anyone have any good pix of the pre-WW2 Dolomites?
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    No but here's a lousy pic of a Sprint negotiating Bathurst's notorious Dipper

    A ladyfriend once owned one from nearly new. An appealing package when it was going well, and for a compact sedan it went like the clappers. I could see why she persisted with it, although hers needed major engine work three times in seven years
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    Dolomite Sprint
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