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Thread: PS2 to Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWantAnAudiRS6
    Why, yes indeed (tit) because if you really actually want to use Windows, just install a copy of Microsoft Office Pro 2004, or just Virtual PC, and then you can have some piece of shit n your hard drive.
    all i need is to connect my ibok to my cous portable(wich is a windows) to take some family pics that he has..
    and im wondering if their is like a cable to connect to his portable snice he doesnt have a bleutouth build in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaigra
    he's asking a question, nothing wrong with that. Looking at some of your posts, you really can't call someone else an idiot.
    just ignor him man thats the way he was tough how to respect people
    like parents like son....all u have to do is ignor him and well hope that he respects himself

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