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Thread: Jeremy Clarkson shot at in Iraq

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    Still - it's a bit of a media beat up, don't you think - I highly doubt whoever was shooting at the plane and the camp even knew he was there - they were just shooting indiscriminantly. what about the Pilot, or other people in the camp, they were in just as much danger!
    <cough> </cough>

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    Actually, I find it real stupid for celebrities to go to a warzone. Sure it's great for morale, but in actuality, if I were a soldier, I wouldn't care about the celebrity's life. Why should I give my life to protect yours when you don't belong there in the first place? I'd be pretty pissed and I think it's a waste of money protecting celebrities. It's a big enough waste as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GT F1
    Well in this video he says he bought it twice which means he bought it back again.

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    What would be funny is a celebrity getting sent to a suicide mission-

    Soldier, um... Mr. Reporter, can you hold this(hands over bomb), oh and use it during the interview with those Al-Qaeda members

    Reporter- ok!

    I'm dropping out to create a company that starts with motorcycles, then cars, and forty years later signs a legendary Brazilian driver who has a public and expensive feud with his French teammate.

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