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Thread: New LMP cars for Le Mans

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    New LMP cars for Le Mans

    Audi R10
    Rumoured to be a twin turbo V10 diesel. Why is it R10? Well, Audi decided to use the R9 name on a new production coupe, a sort of TT/Galliardo fusion based on the "Le Mans" concept car . One of the LMP rules requires a symmetrical roll hoop covering both seats, a roof could improve the airflow to the rear wing and reduce drag.
    There is no announcement of the teams that will run the R10 but Audi now admit the programme exists and will be announced at the end of 2005. It is expected that Champion will campaign two in the ALMS and Joest two in the LMES it is expected that the car will debut at Sebring 06.

    Riley MKIV
    This WILL have a roof. After comparative studies the roofed version was chosen over the open topped. The MKIV will be available for $675,000, without engine and electronic systems. Delivery can start as early as November 2005. There appears to be no "favourite" engine and The chassis is designed to accept twin turbo V-8ís, as well as normally aspirated V-8 and V-10 engines. Riley also say they will produce an LMP2 version "if the interest is there". Riley has not said it will run a factory team but it is not difficult to imagine one of the teams campaigning Riley Daytona Prototypes, such as Sun Trust or Racers Group, switching series.

    Porsche RS Spyder
    This is the most significant sports car in years. Initially the Porsche prototype will race as an LMP2 with a newly-designed 3.4-litre, 90-degree, V8 engine. Penske Motorsports will field the new Porsche prototype in its first full season of competition exclusively in 2006.
    There is no news of other teams racing the LMP2 or of an LMP1 version, however if Porsche history is any guide, this car will be raced in many guises by many teams for years to come. It would be astonishing if there was not European outings during 2006.

    Radical SR9
    Radical have completed the design stage of the SR9 LMP2 project under the auspices of Peter Elleray (ex Bentley GTP). The chassis which is all carbon, incorporates a high stepped foot-box, essential for obtaining maximum downforce from the front diffuser. The overall size is 4.5m by 2m wide. Recardo is the chosen transmission and the initial engine will be the AER 2.0 litre turbo
    Radical are planning on having the first car ready to be shaken down in the Spring of 2006. Three cars have been sold, one more is on offer at an "introductory offer" price of £148,000. The SR9 will be ran by Rollcentre Racing

    Other new cars
    Stories of the development of new cars to the LMP1 regulation include:-
    Racing for Holland - Jan Lammers has said they will race a new car, it will not be a hybrid. He has not ruled out a new Dome but it is thought that RfH really want to develop a new car in house.

    Lister - Will run Storm LMP Hybrid at Le Mans 2006. Rumoured that new LMP for 2007

    Lola - B06/10 will appear for Dyson initially - it should debut at Sebring 2006 with 2 entries. Hardtop version will be a customer option. See details at

    Nasamax - Producers of the first LMP1 hybrid and eco-fuel pioneers, Nasamax have said that they are developing a new car for 2006. Withdrawal from Le Mans 2005 brings this into question though.

    Zytek - It is thought that Zytek will follow up the success of their DBA derived LMP675 car with a new LMP1. Their are certainly privateer teams that could use such a car both sides of the Atlantic and Arena are campaigning the works cars effectively in 2005. The Creation DBA IS being converted to a hybrid for 2006 and the Jota and works Zyteks will almost either be "hybridised" for 2006 or sold to the ALMS.

    Peugeot - Following their retirement from World Rally competition Peugot have announced that they will be building an LMP1 car and that it will be diesel powered. The car will not race in 2006 but should ensure the participation of Audi who will welcome some diesel competion from 2007 onwards.

    Courage - There will be new LMP1 and LMP2 cars for 2006.

    Wiet Huidekoper - A new LMP1 from the designer of the Dallara LMP is being built in Newbury, England and is scheduled for unveiling in 2006. The name of the team is not publicly known.

    Epsilon Euskadi - A new Judd powered LMP1 by late 2006. Designed by John Travis. They are saying they will run a Le Mans effort in 2007 and sell customer cars.

    Rumours - Honda are a persistent rumour and are now linked with an ALMS LMP2 campaign, maybe with Panoz chassis.

    Customer Cars
    LMP2 is supposed to be a customer category. It has certainly become very popular as such during 2005. At least 12 Courage C65s have been sold and 5 Lola B05s. There will be more, Radical are offering cars from mid 2006. Of course Porsche will sell their car for 2007, but several manufacturer are looking to enter the market in 2006:-

    Hartham has focused on the design and manufacture of the LMP3-05, a mid engined LMP style sportscar for the Britsport and
    VdeV race series in Europe. However a customer car now being assembled in the new Menard Engineering workshops, using a 24hr specification AER 3.4 litre V6 and Ricardo 6 speed sequential magnesium gearbox, clearly highlighting Hartham's Le Mans intentions. An LMP2 car will be available late in 2006.

    CvO have built the R02 during 2005, this conforms to the LMP rules on dimensions and, presumambly, aerodynamics but is currently configured for VdeV racing with a 280 HP 2 litre engine, a Sadev sequential gearbox and weighing in at 600 kgs. An LMP2 version will, however, not appear before 2007.

    Juno designed and built by former Williams technician Ewan Baldry, have produced the SS3 Britsport and trackday prototype, left. They intend to produce an LMP2 by 2007

    Norma have produced numerous M20 prototypes for the VdeV series and hillclimbing. They have "long term" plans to compete in LMP. In "evo 2005" form, left, the M20 runs with a 2 litre engine but conform to LMP dimensions.

    Zulltec are building an LMP2 car, the CZ-01, at their Nanteuil les Meaux facility. The car is at an advanced state of manufacture with the bodywork patterns and moulds completed and shown at the 2005 Le Mans. The carbon tub has also been completed. It is planned to have the car on the track by October 2005. Regular Le Mans entrant Luc Alphand Aventures have shown support for the project

    Long time sportscar makers Osella and Picchio have also said that they will make LMP2 cars.

    The established customer LMP2 makers will still be doing business in 2006 as well. The Courage C65 is probably past its sales peak now but the the Lola B05/40, the first "real" LMP2, will sell more following the 2005 Le Mans success and the P1 version will be running by Sebring. The Pilbeam MP93 is more than a one-off for Pierre Bruneau but may not be a major seller. Lucchini are offereing their LMP2 for sale but will need to prove it in the works team first.

    Other manufacturers of small prototypes have been mentioned as possible future LMP2 manufacturers. These include Chiron, ADR, Pedrazza / Srof and others. Gratuitous pic of Pedrazza below...
    In a category of their own are Welter Racing who have a hybrid LMP2 and must be planning a new car for 2007, it's unthinkable that they could miss Le Mans!

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