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Thread: Glas 1500/1700

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    Glas 1500/1700

    Glas 1500/1700

    In 1963 (two years after the BMW 1500) Hans Glas launched his four door sedan at the IAA in Frankfurt. It was nice looking car, with the body designed by Pietro Frua, who had become the house designer of the Bavarian company. The four cylinder engine was an enlarged version of the 1300 that produced 70 BHP in the fabled 1304TS, which reigned supreme in the European Touring car races up to 1300 cc. The engine was the first ever series unit to use a belt driven OHC.

    The chassis of the 1500 was less advanced as the BMW, notably the rear live axle was still being kept in place by using leaf springs. Nevertheless it was really a nice car with so much more finesse as the Opel Rekords or Ford Taunus of the period. The initial 1500 cc engine was only used in the prototype . All production cars had a 1700 engine initially available with 80 BHP, later on 85 were standard. The top of the range was the 1700 TS which had a twin Solex carburetor and produced 100 BHP. This engine was also used in the 1700 GT Coupe. With just over 1000 kg kerb weight the car was a vived performer, but no match for BMWs 1800 TI.

    The car was in production from 1964 to 1967 and after the takeover of Glas by BMW the body lived on for a while as the 1800SA and 2000SA, from BMWs South African production, and fitted with BMW engines.

    Under the Glas management about 13800 cars were produced.

    Shown here is a mint example of a 1700, which appeared during the special Frua celebration of the Schwetzingen Concours dElegance.
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    Thanks! All Glas threads pics are excellent!

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    1700 Ts
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