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Thread: Gaz 21 Volga 1956–1970

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    Gaz 21 Volga
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    This is the 1968 car owned by the then Swiss Local Representative of the EBRD in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, who let me shoot the car in October 2005, while I was carrying a not so good camera. Hope the shots are still acceptable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
    Hope the shots are still acceptable.
    Shame on you, Pieter

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    goodmorning FAKSTAmi you seem expert in volga gaz 21.I am marco from italia.hello to all.I can help me thanks.I have a volga gaz 21 of 1959 2 serie.I have an original radiator different from all the others. and the exhaust pipe mounted on the contrary to the left. They also produced this way or else my was welded to the contrary. Thank you who can help me

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