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Thread: Hotchkiss Gregoire

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    Hotchkiss Gregoire


    Gregoire was one of France’ best constructors who produced his own cars, but also worked for other factories. In 1951 co-operation with Hotchkiss resulted in the Hotchkiss Gregoire, quite a revolutionary car for its time.

    It has a reasonably streamlined body, but underneath technology is out of the ordinary. The 2.2 litre boxer engine (a two litre was also available) is located before the front axle and of course the car has front wheel drive. Not only at the front but also at the rear wheels are independently sprung and part of the chassis was built from aluminium. The 4 speed gearbox was fitted with an overdrive. Some cabriolets and coupes were also built.

    With a power output of 60 or 70 BHP the car was not a vived performer, but the 155 kph topspeed for the larger engine gives a good idea about the slippery shape of the body.

    Unfortunately when production stopped in 1954 only 274 examples were made, and the Gregoire was the last Hotchkiss to be built.

    Shown here is car exhibited at the Paris Retromobile show in 2005
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    Happened across this by chance; it looks (charmingly) like a more-matronly Jag Mk. II. The world needs more quirky low-volume French cars.
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    Time for an EJ25 Subaru STi swap!

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    Amazing, olive colour!

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    A very rare sight on this side of the Atlantic... at Amelia 2012

    Amelia Island Concours 2012 247.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by csl177 View Post
    A very rare sight on this side of the Atlantic... at Amelia 2012

    Amelia Island Concours 2012 247.jpg
    It's been a while since I saw classic car photos. I really like the color of this vehicle.

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