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Thread: Opel Rekord C

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    Opel Rekord C

    Opel Rekord C

    The Opel Rekord was the main stay model of the Opel production after the second world war. It developed over time and many different models appeared, with the only thin in common being the name. In many cases though underneath the body not many changes took place, in the good tradition of Opel’s American owner, General Motors.

    The model C was produced from 1966 to 1971 and one of the main changes was the use of a coil sprung live rear axle, replacing the leaf springs that were used from the very beginning of the model.

    Engine variants ranged from 1500 cc four cylinders to a 2.2 litre six cylinder. 1,277,700 examples were produced until 1971.

    The model was also the basis for the Opel Commodore, a luxury six cylinder version which appeared in 1967. The shape of the car also appeared in various Holdens of the area.

    Shown is a1900L model, presented at the Essen Technoclassica in 2003
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