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    DeTomaso Pantera Si (1990-1993)

    I know, there already is a thread with 2nd gen Pantera but only specified for Targa so I decided to put the coupe in here.

    5.0 litre Ford 305 "Boss" engine tuned to max. output of 305 hp,

    All new redesign from Marcello Gandini (draw several Italian sportscars and Group B rallylegends)

    Additional bodyparts planned to be made at first of glassfibre, than complete bodywork produced in steel, spoilers partly consisting of carbonfibre.

    8,5x17 inch ET64 / 12x17 inch ET26 fondmetal alloys front / rear

    Biturbo with 450 horsepower planned, never produced.

    4 Targa built with 6-speed manual gearbox
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