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Thread: Daimler Majestic Major

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    Daimler Majestic Major

    This 1965 Daimler Majestic Major is in fact one of my favourites. Relatively modern body, but still with a lot of class. Add to this a 250HP 4.5 litre V8 and a 0-100kmh time of 8.5 secs (at a weight of 2,5 tonnes!), this is a car that can still scare the hell out of some GTI's!

    1965 must have been one of the last years for Daimler, after that it was taken over by Jaguar, and Daimler became largely a Jaguar with a different badge. Exception being the DS420 limousine, which was produced until the 1990's. See:

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    One of my favourites too Too bad there's no decent high res pictures to be find

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    daimler majestic major

    can anyone tell me the firing order for the daimler majestic major

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    Jag couldn't have their DOHC 6 shown up by Daimler's pushrod Hemi V8 could they? The 4.5 was tried in a Mk 10 (?) and did 135mph I'm told. Can't have that. But that sweet little 2.5 V8, bung it in a Mk 2 body, give it a fluted grille and try to make a few badge engineered quid out of it.

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