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Thread: Check my multimedia website!

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    Check my multimedia website!

    I have seen what some guys of this forum visit my website.

    I give you the right adress :

    This site contain all my car pictures(LAMBORGHINI Murcielago, PORSCHE 996 tt, MERCEDES sl55 AMG, all my photoshoped cars...)

    Godd visit and let me what do you think of it here or in my guestbook!

    My last photoshop the PORSCHE 996 convertible
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    no one visit it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl55kleemann
    My last photoshop the PORSCHE 996 convertible
    Convertible? Anyways the link does not work for me.

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    The site is down sometimes, try another hour,

    I'm sorry
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    That photoshop dont look bad, and the site wont work for me either.
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    Yesterday I take pictures in my JAGUAR & MASERATI dealerships, I upload the picture in my site for this week end.(XK8, X-type, V8 coupé, v8 spyder, carrera 2...)

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    check the new adress site more speed !

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    you and painterr should have a comp.
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    i like alot of the photoshopping, but some just isn't cutting it for me

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