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    Volkswagen Scirocco

    Volkswagen Scirocco

    The Scirocco was a two-door Sport coupe on the basis of the Golf I platform. Just like the Golf, the body was designed by Giugiario, and production started in 1974.
    The engine was invariably a Golf based four cylinder, transversely mounted and powering the front wheels. Engine capacities ranged from 1100 to 1600 cc, and the top of the bill was the GTI version, fitted with the injection engine known from the Golf.
    The Scirocco provided good business for the Karmann factory in Osnabrueck, as they had produced about 800,000 cars when production ceased in December 1992.

    The Mk1 Scirocco is the purest version, which was revamped in 1981. It was rather a popular entry car for young motorists (euphemism for boy-racer). It also was the best selling version as over 500,000 were made.

    Shown is a Mk1 in the special Storm version at the Silverstone Historic this year
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