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Thread: hey guys please help me finding a good car designing college

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    hey guys please help me finding a good car designing college

    hey guys i m yogesh. i want to do my masters in TRANSPORTATION DESIGN after doin mechanical engineering.
    i av got the call also from IED (Instituto Europeo di Design), in italy
    can some1 plzzzzzzzzz tel me hows the college if anyone has heard about the college.
    they are claiming that they have project tie ups with fiat, alfa romeo, farrari and massarati.

    plzzzzzz help me guys in knowin abt tht college
    should i go for that or not
    its the question of my life and carrier

    plz help me

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    Firstly welcome
    Secondly you might want to learn english
    Thirdly from what i think i can understand from that it sounds like a good place, i doubt that there will be any people on here who have first hand experience of the place but there might be one or two (coventry ??) that know a bit about it
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    Has the best reputation, it also is more open to people who have come from different backgrounds - like mech Eng.
    It also turns out a high standard every year.
    Most schoosl have tie ups with industry, even the bad ones. Doesn't mean you will get a job after.
    I would not recomend the Cov masters (if it is still running)

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    first, you're english is fine. Exceeds anyone elses Italian

    Can't help you on the college you name other than to advise IF you contact the department and ask them about graduates in industry that you coudl talk to. They will be able to help most.

    Are you looking to go to other universities ? Are you limited how far to travel ??
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    Originally Posted by -student
    Hi there,
    Did you study in Italy eventually? I'm a middle school student from Bulgaria. I'm planning to finish my studies, domyhomework4me and I want to study Automotive or transpostation design online in one of the prestigious colleges. Are there any good programs?
    Hi Sean,
    I think the OP must have graduated by now and got a job (got married and everything).
    If you're looking for online programs, Academy of Art University and College for Creative Studies offer Industrial Design Degree and Transportation Design programs online correspondingly.

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