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Thread: Datsun Cherry

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    Datsun Cherry

    Datsun Cherry

    The Datsun Cherry, as it was called on export markets (Nissan Cherry) at home was the first front wheel drive car coming from Nissan. Also known as the model 100A (and 120A) the car was a huge success in Europe, as the body did not look like any other thing available on the market, and it also made a huge difference to the already available RWD Datsun Sunny. All sorts of body variants were available, including 2 and 4 door sedans, a 2-door coupe and a break version. The original model stayed in production until 1973 when it got a facelift, which made it look a little longer.

    The engine was taken over from the Sunny and was a simply short stroke 998 cc pushrod unit, running only on three main bearings. The 1171 cc version that became available later, was not only more powerful (65 compared to 53 bhp) but had also 5 main bearings. All engines were mounted in the well known transverse fashion. Depending on the markets either drums or disc brakes for the front wheels were available and the rear wheels used trailing arms and coils springs as suspension. Only the break version had a rigid leaf sprung axle, to cater for heavier loads. The Coupe and some luxury versions got radial tyres as standard, and many owners replaced the skinny crossplies in a later stage as well.

    Shown here are two pre-1973 2 door models.
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    My brother had one when I was too young to drive myself
    What i remember particular of these cars is that they hade VERY poor brakes
    After braking a couple of times fading ocurred and the it was virtually impossible to stop the darn thing !

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