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Thread: Daimler Conquest Roadster

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    Daimler Conquest Roadster

    Daimler Conquest Roadster.

    A further effort of the Daimler factory to gain access to the sports car market was the Conquest Roadster, presented in 1953. It was a three seater cabriolet, based on the chassis of the conquest, but with an alloy body. The engine was a 2.4 litre inline six, producing 101 bhp, giving the car a topspeed of 160 kph. Accelartion was sluggish though, with just under 20 seconds required to reach 100 kph. The car was not a big success, also not after a modernized version appeared in 1956, named the New Drophead Coupe. Production ceased in 1957 and a mere 119 left the factory.

    Here is one at the Silverstone Historics in 2005.
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