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Thread: Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster Concept 2001

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    Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster Concept 2001

    Alongside the production Thunderbird, Ford added a little excitement to the 2002 NAIAS with the re-imagined Thunderbird Sports Roadster concept. The Sports Roadster concept took design cues from the “Bullet Birds” of the 1960s, specifically the 1962-63 Thunderbird of the same name. Like the original Sports Roadster, the Ford concept also features a molded fiberglass tonneau that integrates the rear deck with the headrests. In front an integrated chrome hood scoop as well as the chrome headlight surrounds complement the sleek look. The chrome-finished egg-crate design grille also recalls T-Birds of the past as do the wheels, which at 18 inches in diameter are both modern in size and classic in design.

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