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Thread: Lotus Elise GT1 1997

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    Another GT1 shot
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    Quote Originally Posted by netburner View Post
    Another GT1 shot
    Photo doesnt seem to be working for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netburner View Post
    The yellow Elise GT1 in the last picture in this thread was converted to a road-going version, so there are two "road-cars".
    No that one is still a racing car.

    The one that was converted to road-going spec was a spare chassis they built after the original run. It ran the yellow/black Franck Muller livery for a while but it's now green and yellow, and pretty much constantly for sale (though apparently not right now)

    Here are links to expired listings for it.

    Lotus Elise GT1 (Type 115) 1997 FIA Race Car For Sale on Car And Classic UK

    Classic 1997 Lotus Elise GT1 (Type 115) for sale, Classic car sales


    The last link says it was sold on 17.01.2012 so very recently indeed.

    Incidentally one of the original Franck Muller cars was for sale recently as well.

    Sold 17.08.2011.

    By Carugati in Geneva, who if you look on their site have one of the Thai sponsored cars for sale.

    Carugati Automobiles SA

    Perhaps they're being bought with the idea of being raced in the Blancpain Revival Series next year?
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    Interested in the Elise GT1 subject, I'm looking for the chassis number runned by the team GT1 Lotus Racing.

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