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    Pontiac LeMans El Camino

    In 1968, A group of Pontiac dealers in the Buffalo, NY area tried to convince Pontiac to build a small sporty truck to fill the demand for the growing sport truck market. When Pontiac decided not to pursue that market, one dealer went ahead and built one. Adirondack Auto Sales ordered a new 1968 El Camino and a new 1968 LeMans 4-door. They then proceeded to graft the El Camino cab and bed onto the LeMans. The final result was of high quality, and looked just like a real GM product. That prototype still did not convince Pontiac, but some believe that it was instrumental in GM's decision to market the GMC Sprint in 1971. This Pontiac Lemans "Safari" pickup (also known as the "Wide Track Truck") was featured in the June, 1987 issue of Muscle Car Review magazine.
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