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Thread: Karmann Cheetah concept

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    Karmann Cheetah concept

    Presented in March 1971 at Geneva Autoshow.
    Based on shortened chassis of VW Karmann-Ghia

    Body architecture: 2-seat
    Overall dimensions (mm): length 3380, width 1580, height 1230, wheelbase 2132
    Engine position and drive: rear longitudinal engine, rear drive
    Engine: Volkswagen 4 cylinder horizontally opposed, 1584 cc, 50 HP at 4000 rpm

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    to wilhelm karmann the young gugiaro was a huge talent, he promises the owner of the still very small company 'ital design' to proveide support with at least one order for a prototype per year. karmann's intuition and foresight would soon be confirmed - the vw golf bears his signature as well as the scirocco among others.

    cheetah was a kind of a trendsetter - it was one of the first cars in more sharp-edged body shapes trend

    gugiaro designed cheetah at the beginning of the 70's. the prototype is a wedge-shaped roadster with pop-up headlights, a top rolling back over its entire width and shock absorbers integrated in the car body. the car based on the vw beetle is introduced at the 1971 geneva auto show.

    (from karmann cars history book released by karmann)
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    Check out the Fiat X1/9 launched the following year to see the influence Guigario had.

    THe X1/9 was a pretty car with reasonable performance and NEARLY hit the rally world in GroupB guise

    The Karrmann is equally pretty and a sharper look than the 912 it was clearly based on.
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    Does the car come wih the prison striped body-suit? Or is that an optional extra?
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