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Thread: The GT4 Nürburgring Time Thread

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    Jun 2005
    I remember I spent about half a day trying to find the perfect setup for my Nissan R92CP for the 'ring.
    Got it about as spot on as I could, but it was still quite an animal to keep under control.

    And yes, avoid the kerbs like the plague. If you tap the larger ones, it upsets the car very badly.

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    new zealand
    got new fastest time. 6.42.456 in bmw m3 csl with full engine modifications except NA tuning, giving around 400 HP(no NA tuning). medium racing tyres.

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    i didn't check the whole thread, but last year, or maybe before, i managed to lap in in a Zonda 7.3, and similar with the Ford GT and a MB SLR, all standard with standard tires.just removed the aids and modified the height.
    i need to check exactly the time but i don't have my ps2 right now and i just found the thread.
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