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Thread: Best sounding car?

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    Macan by Far!

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    While, as an owner, I love the sound of my Ford GT with it's Ford Racing Rear Exit Headers, I must confess that my first experiences in the 1950s listening to the various cars at the road races set two cars above all - and still do today.

    For high pitch beauty, I still thrill to the Ferrari Colombo engine in the 250 Testa Rossa (circa 1957-1961).

    And, for low frequency guttural levels (a la the Cobra 427), I would choose the Maserati 450S, powered by Alberto Bellentani and Guido Taddeucci's 4-cam 4.5 liter V8.
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    Colombo V12s are also a go-to for me when I need some sonic sex. It's honestly pretty hard to top. But, I do like the flat rumble of a small block engine I'd never own just because it's so cliche. Flathead V8s are good too. And for an oddball choice...Detroit Diesel 2-stroke heavy duty engines.
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    Any large Ford V8 sounds good, but the 351 Cleveland pushing through headers and the short mufflers on a De Tomaso Pantera is still to this day one of the best, meanest sounding engines I've ever heard. Although I think an argument could be made for the Jaguar F-type R or SVR, truly incredible sound.

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