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Thread: Zonda Ostrich Hide Pictures?

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    Zonda Ostrich Hide Pictures?

    Ive seen a Zonda Roadster with ostrich hide on 5th gear a while back, but cant seem to find the pictures of it anywhere

    The closest I got only showed part of the gear stick with the ostrich hide but no more than that - bad angle

    If anyone has seen any photos or could point me in a more helpful direction that would be appreciated


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    Guess it's kinda rare...

    Google is magic though. :lol:

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    I wish i could find the actual vid, actually... and google vids hasn't been kind to me about that... any ideas/links?
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    Has FinalGear not got the episode?

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    Ive tried googling it

    Exige I was actually after a picture rather than the whole episode, but since there doesnt seem to be any I guess I could take shots from the vid ..

    *Just cheked out the FinalGear site - and Id really rather have a couple of pictures than download around 175MB and watch through all of that..
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