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    Porsche 989 Concept 1988

    Porsche 989 Concept

    This is all I've got.

    Taken from Wikipedia:
    989 is the internal Porsche project number for a four-dour luxury sports sedan that never went into production.
    Type 989 development was initiated in 1988, and was overseen by Dr. Ulrich Bez, who was also responsible for the 993 series.
    The platform for the 989 was front-engine, rear-drive, with a wheelbase of 2826 mm.
    A new 80-degree, water cooled V8 engine with a displacement of 3.6 liters and a power output of at least 300 bhp at 7000 rpm was developed. (Various sources cite different engine displacements. According to Autoweek, the 989 V8 engine was to be all-aluminum, displacing 4.2 liters.)
    The prototype was designed by Harm Lagaay, the result foreshadowing the lines of later models such as the 968, 993 and 996. Specific design influences to later Porsche models include the control-arm suspension, which would later be used on the 993, as well as the headlight and tail-light designs which were obviously adapted for the 996. (Autoweek)
    After Ulrich Bez left Porsche AG in September 1991, the project lost momentum, and in January 1992, development of the 989 was halted. Although Porsche officials initially claimed that the only prototype was destroyed, they now contend that it still remains in storage. A rear-view photograph of the prototype (silver color, 17 inch Cup II wheels, unregistered licence plate BB-PW 989) is published in the German classic car magazine Motor Klassik, No. 4/2003, p. 28.
    The Porsche Panamera, due in 2009, can be considered as the successor of the 989 project.

    If you have any high-res shots please post them. This image is slightly below 1024*768, but it'll have to do until somebody posts more.

    EDIT: My 200th thread . Enjoy
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